1971 Ford Torino, Florida Car for renovation.

302″ automatic 78k miles.  Nice time capsule Ford Torino classic project.

ROCK SOLID and complete car. Rare “LIGHT GREEN” Color code H. This is a Formal Hardtop model. ALL GLASS IS PERFECT.
Original body panels from front to back.
From the frame rails to the torque boxes to the rear trunk and lower quarters this is one ROCK SOLID car.

Status: In stock, can be seen in Koege
Price DKK 59.800
The car is imported and custom cleared in Denmark (EU)

Cars Sold

1970 Chevrolet Camaro, Cali Car

350″ automatic

This Car was in 1 family since 1970 
Car runs and drives great.

Status: Sold to Czech Republic!


1970 Pontiac Firebird

400″ wtih Th 400, Orbit Orange, very nice paint, Texas car.  

Status: Sold to Iceland!

1974 Pontiac Firebird

1974 Pontiac Firebird 350″/350 CA Car
new interior, dual exhaust system, Weld wheels, No rust.

Status: Sold to Denmark!

1971 Pontiac Lemans

1971 Pontiac lemans with 53k original miles bought from an older lady who said she only used it for grocery’s and doctors appointments.

When you drive it, you can feel how smooth this car runs.  Beautiful car,  all original, matching numbers, with a dual exhaust that sounds mean, 350 2 barrel.

Status: Sold to Denmark!

1968 Ford Ranchero

1968 Ford Ranchero 302 “automatic gearbox, Cali car no rust. Original aircon, disc brakes, power management. Headers and dual exhausts, the patch is patina, Centerline rims with new tires, aluminum coolers etc.

Status: Sold to Denmark!



1950 Buick Super 2dr HT

Straight 8 cyl and dynaflow.
Motor stock,  original paint , right door and back fender has been repaintet.
Incredibly nice condition and rust free.
Has been in a barn in south dakota since 1972. miles 40,000
Can send more pictures at serious interest.

Status: Sold to Denmark!



1973 Dodge Charger Special edition

400″ Big Block 727 automatic, rustfree California car.

Status: Sold to Denmark!




1970 Dodge SuperBee for renovation

BB 383 ” -1970 SuperBee 383/727 Real Bee for renovation. very rusty must have the whole ride, rear screens, panels, bottom pieces etc., pulling etc. engine rotates but has not been running for many years..a lot of work..but a bee engine room and topedo look nice .. put fresh roll and fill the bottle on your co2 welding machine. Then you can make a nice car and all parts are available at AMD

Status: Sold to Denmark!



1966 Dodge Coronet 440

66 Dodge Coronet 440. 273″ Automatic.

Status:  Sold to Germany!

1974 Dodge D200

Dodge D200 truck V8 318 “4-speed manual..Cali car runs really well and brakes fine
no rust but a lot of bumps and patina, drove to the container.

Status: Sold to Denmark!



1973 Corvette 350″ 4 Trins manuel – 1 owner

1973 Corvette, 350 “4-speed manual, Cali car, 1 owner, T-top, original paint, all original.
Paint is very patina, still original brakelines , 127k miles, power windows,
aircon, T-top, tilt steering wheel. Needs fresh seatcovers and carpet.
Has 5 new BFgoodrich tires
4 new brake discs and caliber, new brake hoses, master cylinder, cooling hoses,
new el motor in doors, ny front bumber etc. Completely rustfree.

Status: Sold to Letland!

1968 Chevrolet Camaro

350 “automatic gear ready to be painted or run in the one it is, starts the first time and runs fine.

Status: Sold to Sweden!


1974 Ford Ranchero

On its way

1974 Ranchero 351c automatic gear. The car is running fine, Cali car
a little rust at the feathers otherwise ok..clean in the windshield, clean out of the container collection price

Status: Sold to Denmark!



1972 Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible

New car on its way, more info soon.

Status: Sold to Denmark!

1968 Cadillac Eldorado 472″ Alt i udstyr

New car, more info soon.

Status: Sold to Rumænien!

1955 DeSoto Hemi Powerflite Sportsman Hardtop Coupe

This is a Powerflite with the big hemi 4 port, 291 “Hemi 200hk 4 barrel, 2 speed automatic, 95% Rust free steel, it stood in a closed hall for the last 25 years, car is running.Must have brake master cylinder and missing bottom list on left door.
The color is original.

Status: Sold to Denmark!

1964 Oldsmobile 88 Convertible

V8 330 “automatic gear, runs super good brakes and changes well. El cab. Nevada car 99% rustfree, only 15cm rustbubbles at left rear skirt. New white cab is included as the old is dried out of the sun, has bumps in the left rear, rear window and bumper, the lacquer is patina. Low mileage  80.000

Status: Sold to Denmark!

1941 Cadillac 62 2 dørs Coupe , V8 flathead , 3 gear manuel.

Has not been driving since it was painted 30-35 years since.  The car is complete + extra parts Engine need to be rebuild as it is stuck. 
The cabin is old and needs to be freshened up
Bumper new.
The rest of the cromen is nice but not perfect

Status: Sold to Sweden!

1968 Dodge Polara

California car , Big Block 383”/ 727 edelbrock, Holley, Double exhaust
Power brake, Power steering, power windows, hijackers.
Patina in the paint, must have a new vinyl roof, dry in the cabin,
need new carpet etc. Drive, brakes and change well.

Status:  Sold to Finland !

1966 Ford Ranchero


Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1970 Ford Mustang Fastback

302″ automatic  for restauration, Must have the whole trip. The car is running….  Needs new back fender (included) and to get base fixed in both sides.  Has new bumbers front and rear, new grill and lists, Mustang sign, headlightsorround, new alu radiator.  Edelbrock ,Holley, headers , tracktion bars
The car is complete. Dashboeard cover and 2 back fenders included.

Status:  Sold to Sweden!

1970 Mercury Cougar

351″ cleveland ,C6 automatic gear, servo steering, centerline wheels, hijackers.
Starts 1 time and runs good.  The car is from California and was painted many years ago, so most of the clear coat has dissapeared and cracked, therefore the mat look. Must have made a smaller hole in the bottom at the front side, have little bubbles at the left rear skirt, otherwise rust free.
Low milage only 10.000km

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1963 Ford Ranchero

California Car , Paint is patina with some paint repair  some places,  trunk is rustfree but needs paint.
The car is nearly rustfree but needs small repair in each side where your feets are. 
Newer 302” with c4 automatic, 4 port Edelbrock, elektronic ignition, B&M shifter, double exhaust, proberbly to noicy. Starts directly,  all gears work and the cars brakes well.

Status:  Sold to Sweden!

1977 Ford Ranchero GT

460” engine, automatic gear, power steering, power brakes, aircon, power seat.
Runs great,  it’s just been made brakes and steering.
miles 41.162
(you are out and running for under 80K)
Original condition.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1974 Dodge Charger SE 5,2L V8

Low milage 92k miles, automatic, aircon, power brake, power steering. Disc brakes, cruise control, trailer hitch.
Lovely untouched Charger from Arizona, no rust ever.  Patina. Starts, run change gears and brakes perfectly. Running car which requires a little interior design as a front seat cover, ceiling recess and a fresh vinyl roof, but more fun than rusting.
Original condition

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1973 Lincoln Mark IV, with factory sunroof.

460″ automatic , power windows, power seats, power locks .
Leather interior, well kept and no rust runs amazing, super luxury car,
Original purchase contract from Ford.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1972 Dodge Charger

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1941 Oldsmobile  2 door Topedo Hydromatic, with an attitude!

This is a 1941 Oldsmobile 2 door Topedo, Hydromatic, all original. Last time it was licensed was 1955. All the glass is good except the passenger wing window is cracked. All windows roll up and down. The doors close solid. It has a flat head 6 cylinder engine which is siezed up, automatic transmission. Floor boards and trunk looks good. There is some rust on the rocker panels and around the rear fenders. This would make a cool rat rod or leave original.  This car is not a running car,  needs tank to be cleaned and new plugs etc. before startup. We have a set of NOS rear fenders and that are included. A new Front Grill is available.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1966 Dodge Polara Sport Big Block 383″ 

Low milage 37.000 miles. 1 documented original owner 1966 Dodge Polara, 2 door hardtop, 383 automatic, power steering, seats were covered since new, runs and drives excellent, original fender tag,  all original body panels, 37,000 original miles, came from southern Oregon, all documentation comes with vehicle, still titled in original owners name with original certicard, all matching numbers, very solid and straight car all around, no rust.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1966 Dodge Coronet 2dr Hardtop

66 dodge coronet 2 door hardtop. 318ci, automatic, alum. 17″ rims with almost new tires, recent duel exaust with after market flow masters, ( same hollow sound ) . No bondo on this car, never any rust, body straight, all glass good with no chips, interior redone 2 years ago, car runs and drives good, trans. shifts good. . Car runs cool and holds good oil pressure.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

1970 Mustang Convertible 302” Automatic Transmission, Power convertible top , Rusty mustang but complete and all parts are available for small money ..
On this model, it cannot be worthwhile to patch rusty as the parts are available and very cheap.  Do you have the time and energy to this project; you have the possibility of a cheap mustang cab. The car was running when it was put, but everything must be inspected and cleaned, as it has stood for many years.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1967 Dodge Charger Big Block

1967 Dodge Charger Big Block . Rust free california car for renovation.  Born 383 325HP 1-4BBL, now 440, Automatic Transmission, New Edelbrock, Headers.  The car is complete with extra parts,  now lighter separated.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1963 Buick Skylark Convertible

215″ V8 aluminum, Automatic.  Runs great, needs the Radiator and Starter remounted after replacement of the seal. Newer Convertible top. Front end and passenger door very good shape. Driver door and quarter panels need work. Interior looks good but slightly worn.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1946 Dodge Coupe DELUXE

1946 Dodge Coupe DELUXE 6 cyl flathead 3 speed manual all original.
Beautiful patina. California Car, complete fat rat rod, Running Project.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1955 DeSoto Hemi Firedome Sportsman Hardtop Coupe

DeSotos, the 1955 Firedome Sportsman Coupe, Debuting the new “Forward Look,” One of the most beautiful DeSoto models made. With its long, tapered fins and a 185-horsepower Hemi Firedome V8, California owner, this nicely presented Desoto  hardtop  291 CID Hemi V8 engine,  two-speed Flitecontrol automatic transmission.  Power steering.  The car is running, the paint has patina of texas sun, that should not take much for this car is road worthy. back quater lower fenders is rusty,  the bottom part front fender and less rep of the base where the feets are.

Status:  Sold to Sweden!

1970 Ford Ranchero

1970 Ranchero  351″ New gearbox, spark plugs, cables, Protronix ignition and B & M shifter.
The car is from Arizona and rust free, could need a paint coating and fresh seat cover and a loving hand.
Scoop for front helmet included.

Status:  Sold to Denmark!

1951 Chevy Deluxe Coupe

1951 chevy deluxe coupe. Body and interior in great shape. Its businessman was last running in 2006. Original 235 Babbitt 6 cylinder, + 3 speed on the tree. Original trunk mat and blue line Tire in the trunk. New headliner . Visor, door panels and seats freshly redone.
The car is running but needs some tune up. Has a 12Volt Starter, but not fully converted to 12 volt.

Status:  Sold to Sweden!

1961 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Bubble Top Coupe 394″

1961 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Bubble Top Coupe 394″, 325 HP automatic, Power steering, Power brakes and AM radio.  Has been in a garage in Ohio the last 40 years. 394 “motor running fine. New tires, shock absorbers, exhaust, brakes and tank.  Have Rust in both rear quarter panels and lower part of the right front fender otherwise clean.

Status: Sold to Sweden!

1940 Cadillac Lasalle Coupe Flathead 322″ V8.

1940 Lasalle Coupe Flathead 322 V8 3 speed manual transmission.
Starts and runs well. Engine is new renovated and completely new wiring for 11k dollars. The car is totally orginal and complet. Build a cool hotrod or orginal. Must have new panels and rustic spot in many quarters. Duty / VAT Paid and can freely be exported to the EU without additional costs.
The car is located 3 mil from Copenhagen.

Status: Sold to Finland!

1968  Chrysler Newport 383″ Big Block automatic.

1968 Chrysler Newport 383 “BB automatic transmission, aircondition. Low milages 72.550 miles
Completely original and never restored or damaged. New battery and tires. Drives like a new car.  Incredible condition inside and out. Owned by elderly couple and always stood in the garage.
Here is a chance to get a new old car.

Status:  SOLD to Sweden!

1965 Ford Mustang Convertible V8 289″ Automatic.

1965 Mustang Convertible Project Car as to be totally renovated. The car has been sitting in the previous owners back yard for the last 30 years and is rusty but complete. 289 Engine, C4 automatic transmission,  electric convertible. 89,500 miles.  All windows are intact. Needs having made bottom, and much more rustic, but fine example to begin with as the car is full and orginal. Here is the opportunity to own an icon for little money and parts are cheap and you can get everything for this model. Note that has never been smoked in the Car 🙂

Status:  SOLD to Denmark!